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New York Murder and Homicide Attorney


There are very few crimes more serious and attention-grabbing than homicide and murder. If you're facing murder charges, or even potential homicide charges, it's important that you seek strong and experienced legal help immediately. This is something that you can't do alone, and the rest of your life is on the line. You seriously risk spending the rest of your days behind bars unless you contact a New York homicide attorney right away. Don't wait around- call the Law Firm of Panzavecchia & Associates, PLLC now at 1-800-LAW-2204.


Murder Charges


There are a number of different types of homicide charges that your murder lawyer can help you with. These include first degree, felony murder first degree, second degree, manslaughter, and attempted murder. All of these charges are treated differently, but all demand serious legal aid.


First Degree Murder Attorney


First degree murder in New York is the unlawful taking of another human being's life, with express malice aforethought. This last part means that the act was deliberate, willful, and premeditated. This is one of the strongest charges in the criminal justice system. There are few things more heinous, after all, than purposefully robbing another of his or her life.


First degree murder can also apply if the death was caused by an explosive, destructive, poisoning, torturing, or other such extreme device. This also includes armor penetrating bullets, lying in wait, and even weapons of mass destruction.


Felony Murder First Degree Lawyer


If, during the commission of another felony or other certain violent crimes, a person who was not an accomplice of the crime is killed, you may be charged with first degree murder under the felony rule. The prosecutor has no obligation to prove any kind of malice was taking place, and this works even if the death was negligence or an accident. You are still criminally liable for the deaths of those around you during the act of committing felonies.


Second Degree Murder Attorney


Saying second degree murder is less severe than first degree murder is true, but that doesn't make it something you can just shrug off. This kind of homicide is defined as the killing of another human but without being provoked to do so- with an "abandoned and malignant heart". A DUI murder or a homicide that occurs while you were the influence of drugs could fall under this category, as could shooting a gun into a large crowd of people.


Manslaughter Lawyer


Manslaughter comes in a few different flavors- voluntary, involuntary, and vehicular. This is the killing of another person without malice, but often involves either passionate and "heat of the moment" homicides, or deaths caused by negligence. Your experienced New York attorney can discuss with you which your case might fall under, as they all have different penalties and sentencing structures.


Attempted Murder Attorney


Attempted Murder is when you've tried and taken at least one step in the direction of killing another person on purpose. This might mean shooting at a person but missing, hiring an assassin, stabbing them near a life-threatening location, setting explosives that fail to go off, and etcetera. Even though the other party was not killed, you could still be looking at life in prison.


If you or a loved one is facing murder and homicide charges and allegations, you need help fast. The sooner a New York attorney can get on your case, the better it is for you- and the better your chances are to reduce or erase your penalties. Call Nassau County law firm Panzavecchia & Associates, PLLC now at 1-800-LAW-2204 for your free initial confidential consultation.

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Mark Panzavecchia is a current adjunct professor of law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Mark Panzavecchia serves as legal counsel for the New York Latino Police Officers Association

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Mark Panzavecchia serves as legal analyst for Channel 7 Eyewitness News pertaining to a former NY State Governor

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