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Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyer


Domestic violence is a very serious offense in the state of New York. If you have been charged with domestic violence in New York, you need a Queens County domestic violence defense lawyer to provide legal guidance and representation for your case. Even if the evidence against you seems overwhelming, there is still hope, and the attorneys at Panzavecchia & Associates PLLC are dedicated to providing top notch legal service for even the most severe of criminal offenses in New York.


Our domestic violence lawyers in Manhattan will thoroughly examine all facets of your case in order to ensure a sound and aggressive defense strategy. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who are capable of dealing with even the most extreme of prosecution. Prosecutors in the state of New York are eager to have an alleged criminal convicted, and it is our priority to ensure that your rights and freedoms are being respected at all times, and to have charges dropped or minimized wherever possible.


Top Notch Legal Guidance and Representation From Start to Finish


At Panzavecchia & Associates, PLLC, we recognize the toll that a criminal charge takes on you and your family, which is why we make ourselves available to you in any way that we can throughout the legal process. We make sure to keep you in the loop on all matters pertaining to your case, and will aggressively fight for your rights to keep your reputation and personal life intact.


A domestic violence conviction can significantly interfere with finding employment, housing, credit, loans, etc. and in order to lower your chances of receiving these potential consequences, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Queens County domestic violence lawyer as soon as you are charged. We prepare each of our cases as though it were going to trial, to ensure that we are fully prepared in the event that your case is taken further.


The moment your case is accepted, we begin the process of thorough analysis and strategic preparation. Our attorneys are especially detail oriented and equipped to deal with the legal system full force, so that you can focus on your personal life while we defend your case.


Call Panzavecchia & Associates, PLLC today


If you have been charged with domestic violence, contact a Manhattan Domestic Violence Attorney at Panzavecchia & Associates, PLLC today for a free initial consultation of your case. Take the first step in protecting your reputation, rights and freedoms by calling 1-888-LAW-2204 today!

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Mark Panzavecchia is a current adjunct professor of law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Mark Panzavecchia serves as legal counsel for the New York Latino Police Officers Association

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